FLAT-fas-cooler GM/BN/GO/GP

Flat Gas Cooler

Flat gas cooler GM/GN/GO/GP

The reliable, efficient, and eco-friendly cooling solution for industrial and commercial applications This line of product, ready to use in CO2 transcritical installations, consists of more than 500 models of axial gas coolers for industrial applications, available in cooling capacities between 15 and 900 KW.

ROEN EST’s flat gas coolers presents a low noise level and a minimum energy consumption. All models are fitted with EC fan motors as standard. The speed of its fans can be controlled electronically to increase the energy savings. A large choice of configurations and accessories are available to meet any specification, plus of our customization capability.

ROEN EST offers more than 100 different models, which provide capacities between 15 kW and 900 kW. This wide range of models and their accessories provide a complete portfolio that meets most of the cooling industry’s needs.