VU CO2 Gas Coolers

VU CO₂ Gas Coolers

Ventilated Units: CO₂ Gas-coolers

Roen Est’s CO₂ Gas-cooler ventilated units meet all requirements in terms of cooling capacity and design of applications related to refrigeration and air conditioning for CO₂ systems. By playing the role of an outdoor unit serving the unit destined for the evaporation phase and reaching a maximum operating pressure of 140bar, our Gas-coolers allow for optimal integration in all new generation CO₂ refrigeration systems installed even in high ambient temperature climates, where the increase in working pressures becomes a very important aspect.

Main features:

  • 30kW – 1500 kW
  • Maximum working pressure 140bar
  • Availability of different configurations: Horizontal and Vertical
  • Very wide range, from 2 630mm fans to 16 910mm fans
  • Availability of EC and AC Erp2015 axial fans
  • External casing in white pre-painted aluminum
  • Special “Reversible” version available
  • 4 materials available for the fins to meet all thermodynamic and product duration needs
  • Floating pack to eliminate any risk of tube breakage due to expansion and vibrations at the frame shoulders
  • Stainless steel manifolds
  • Many options to choose from such as speed controllers for EC AC fans, service switches, control probes, anti-vibration feet.
  • 10 surface treatments available to increase the life of the product in aggressive environments