Enex Technologies Exhibits at Chillventa 2022; Announces Acquisitions of Samifi France and Morgana

Company’s Arctic, Enex, Samifi France, Kobol, Morgana and Roen Est

Business Units Exhibit Together Under One Banner for the First Time

HALL 7-210

Nürnberg, GERMANY, October 10, 2022 – Enex Technologies, a transformative world leader in natural and energy efficient cooling, heating and refrigeration equipment that helps reduce global warming and its impact on climate change, kicked off its debut appearance at Chillventa 2022 by announcing the signing of two acquisitions – Samifi France and Morgana – adding to its growing portfolio of natural refrigerant-focused HVACR business units.

Serving equipment installers and end-customers including office buildings, hotels, hospitals, supermarkets, hypermarkets, convenience stores, distribution centers, refrigerated warehouses, cold storage rooms and other industrial applications with six business units doing business in more than 65 countries, Enex Technologies offers unparalleled aftermarket support, replacement parts, technical and field service and training.

“With 300 years of combined history, we are excited to participate at Chillventa 2022 together for the first time with our refrigeration business units Arctic, Enex and Samifi France and our heat exchanger business units Kobol, Morgana and Roen Est,” said Sergio Girotto, founder and chief operating officer, Enex Srl.

Girotto noted that commercial buildings consume 40 percent of the energy used in the developed world. Heating, cooling and refrigeration systems account for 60 percent of the energy used by buildings. Overall, HVACR systems consume 25 percent of the energy in the developed world.

“With our planet in crisis facing the twin threats of F-gases that are rapidly accelerating global warming and dependence on hydrocarbons for fuel that result in high energy consumption and negative energy transmission,” Girotto continued, “Enex Technologies is the only HVACR manufacturer in Europe to offer innovative, energy efficient solutions using all three natural refrigerants – Ammonia, CO2 and Propane – to minimize the effects of global warming and help our customers be successful while reducing their carbon footprint, as well.

“Innovations such as ejectors for evaporator overfeeding and expansion energy recovery, parallel compression, low Delta-T in evaporators created by overfeeding and complete heat recovery in combined cooling and heating systems, all with low environmental impact, make Enex Technologies an essential participant in the effort to help its customers reduce energy consumption, total cost of ownership and global warming. Our best-in-class CO2 heat pumps support the necessary transition from hydrocarbon fuels to green electricity.”

Two acquisitions announced

To complement its four existing business units – Arctic, Enex, Kobol and Roen Est –based in Italy and Spain, Enex Technologies announced its expansion into France with the acquisitions of Samifi France and Morgana.

Founded in 1934 as a leading European producer of ammonia natural refrigeration racks and chillers for the industrial refrigeration and agri-food sectors, Samifi France is an ideal fit with Enex Technologies’ strong lineup of cooling, heating and refrigeration equipment using ultra-low GWP (Global Warming Potential) refrigerant.

“Expanding our ammonia refrigerant product portfolio aligns with our passion for offering natural and energy efficient solutions to our customers,” Girotto noted.

With a GWP of zero, ammonia is one of the most widely used natural refrigerants for large industrial applications, and is a cost-effective, efficient and sustainable refrigerant.

“I would like to thank our customers, suppliers and employees for having supported us for nearly 90 years and for having allowed us to make this exciting partnership with Enex Technologies possible,” said Franck Hamelin, general manager, Samifi France.

Based in Groslay, France, Morgana has been producing high quality finned coil heat exchangers including evaporators, condensers and hot and cold coils compatible with CO2, ammonia and water-based refrigeration equipment since 1948.

“It is inspiring to welcome Morgana and its strong team of employees to our group,” said Fabrice Segura, chief executive officer, Heat Exchangers, Enex Technologies. “The majority of Morgana’s sales come from recurring customers, proof of the high-quality, performance, and customer support for its products.”

Joining Enex Technologies will allow Morgana to leverage its 75-year history of strong customer relationships both inside and outside of France.

“We have reached a new chapter in the long and storied history of our company,” said René-Louis Geay, general manager, Morgana. “Given our complementary product portfolios, I am excited about the prospects the alliance with Enex Technologies offers our customers, our suppliers, our company, and our employees.”

Historical owners and managers of both Samifi France and Morgana are partnering with the Enex Technologies team to grow both companies as well as the entire group.

Redlink, and Deloitte acted as advisors to Enex Technologies. Ebl Lexington acted as advisor to the owners of Samifi France. Maitre Jabouley acted as advisor to the owners of Morgana.

Enex Technologies will celebrate its Chillventa debut and the acquisitions of Samifi France and Morgana with a cocktail event, including the launch of its corporate video and an important announcement, on Wednesday, October 12 at 5:30 p.m. at its stand in Hall 7-210.

For more information, please visit the new Enex Technologies website at: https://www.enextechnologies.com


About Enex Technologies

Headquartered in Treviso, Italy, Enex Technologies has more than €100 million in revenues, eight manufacturing facilities and more than 700 employees across Italy, Spain, France and Slovakia. Enex Technologies’ roots go back to 1934, and its companies combine for over 300 years of history. Enex Technologies is the only HVACR manufacturer in Europe to offer innovative, energy efficient solutions using all three natural refrigerants – Ammonia, CO2 and Propane – to minimize the effects of global warming. In order to support its strong growth, Enex Technologies recently invested over €10 million in a new 7.500 m2 factory in Treviso and is currently making a €4 million investment in a new, best-in-class research laboratory, which will be the largest one in Europe specialized in HVACR equipment working with natural refrigerants.

In addition to Samifi France, Enex Technologies’ Refrigeration business includes:

  • Arctic – Based in Madrid and founded in 1997, Arctic is a leader in the production of commercial and industrial refrigeration solutions using natural refrigerants Ammonia and CO2.
  • Enex – Founded in 2004 by industry pioneer Sergio Girotto, Enex is the leading innovator in the commercial and industrial refrigeration sectors, specializing in the design and production of high-efficiency refrigeration systems using natural refrigerants, in particular CO2. To date, Enex has deployed more than 2,000 refrigeration systems using CO2 refrigerant in all climate conditions.

In addition to Morgana, Enex Technologies’ Heat Exchangers business includes:

  • Kobol – Based in Spain and founded in 1968, Kobol produces evaporators, brine coolers, condensers, dry coolers, CO2 gas coolers, coils and customized heat exchangers used primarily for food preservation and air conditioning applications.
  • Roen Est – Founded in 1983 in Italy, Roen Est is a leading European solution provider for the design and production of heat exchangers used in air conditioning, refrigeration, heating and cogeneration applications.


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