Enex srl announces new factory and headquarters in Breda di Piave, Italy

Paese (TV), ITALY, June 6, 2022 — Enex srl, a business unit of CCC Holdings Europe, S.p.A., announced today that it is setting up a new factory in Breda di Piave (TV), Italy, in response to strong growth projections for its natural refrigerant-based industrial refrigeration equipment. Enex turnover nearly doubled year-over-year in 2021, and is projected to increase nearly 50 percent in 2022, doubling again by 2025.

Enex is investing more than €10 million in the new, 7.500 sqm facility, which will include factory, office, and meeting space, as well as a 250 m2 showroom. The factory will be built according to the most modern plant engineering criteria and will produce Enex medium- to large-size refrigeration units, using natural refrigerant CO2. The first production line plans to be operational in September 2022. The plant will be completed with all production lines and offices during the first half of 2023.

Enex’s current factory, in Paese, will continue to manufacture its range of small refrigeration machines, including Mini-boosters and Heat Pumps. It will also become the site of an industry-leading laboratory, the largest of its kind in Europe, for research, development, and testing of the company’s full range of refrigeration, heating and air conditioning equipment using natural refrigerants.

“Our new facility will help us to meet the demand created for our high-efficiency, natural refrigerant-based solutions, which are critical to reducing global warming while providing consistent and reliable cooling for essential businesses such as supermarkets, distribution centers and cold food storage facilities,” said Sergio Girotto, CEO and founder of Enex. “The new facility will itself be a model of sustainability, with a goal of being carbon neutral. We also are excited about the new R&D lab in our Paese facility, as it aligns with our passion to create and expand our innovative platform of natural refrigerant-based, energy efficient equipment across our HVACR businesses, while attracting and retaining some the best and brightest engineering talent in the industry.”

The two Enex facilities will encompass approximately 10.000 sqm. With this investment, Enex reaffirms its clear industry leadership in natural HVACR equipment.

The new facility is located near the Treviso Nord exit of the A27 motorway. Opening ceremonies are expected to take place in spring 2023 and will be announced soon, according to Girotto.