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Towards the “green”. More and more.

New low GWP refrigerants are now available for Roen Est S&T evaporators and condensers.

The main players of commercial and industrial refrigeration already know that refrigerant gas as R448A, R449A, R452A and R407F are gradually replacing R404A and R507 – both for T.N. and B.T. applications – thanks to their low GWP, global warming potential.

The R448A GWP, for example, is -65% than the R404A one.
In line with its philosophy of continuous improvement, and customer-oriented development, today Roen Est introduces such refrigerants in its selection software, for EXL dry expansion evaporators, RX condensers, SRX compact condensers and DRX desuperheaters.

In addition, for all customers are now available for selections those refrigerant gases that represent the present and the future of air conditioning with “chiller” applications, as R1234ze, R1234yf and R513A.

The environmental challenges are the most important, the most stimulating, and those one that require the greatest commitment, for people and organizations operating in the HVACR sector: Roen Est, in collaboration with its customers, its suppliers, the universities and the research institutions, is in the forefront to win a battle that concerns the present and the future of all, and the world we will leave to the next generations.