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Roen Est obtains Lloyd’s Register EMEA certification for Fusion Welded Pressure Vessels Class 2.1

Roen Est was certified by Lloyd’s Register EMEA as a manufacturer of Fusion Welded Pressure Vessels Class 2.1, namely its heat exchangers and particularly its shell and tube exchangers for naval and marine applications.

The Lloyd’s Register EMEA certification process involved the thorough examination of all production stages by a certification body, from the design to the selection of raw materials, from marine welding techniques to the delivery of final products.

Roen Est committed to this process over a year ago through dedicated training courses, thus achieving the broadest certification level.

Fusion Welded Pressure Vessels Class 2.1 certification is mandatory for products such as shell and tube heat exchangers.Its achievement has successfully affected the entire production process by enabling Roen Est to broaden its know-how and introduce internal procedures that have increased the company’s overall level of competence and production standards.

An example of this can be seen in the development of heat exchangers able to support operating pressure levels above 16 barg, or equipped with specific special reinforcements for low-temperature applications.

“Within the specific geographic market Roen Est operates – says company manager Giovanni Bordin – this certification has a special meaning, and it allows us to reach out to new customers also in the marine sector.”

The first Roen Est heat exchangers certified as per Lloyd’s Register EMEA were already delivered: two major consignments, for a total of 24 heat exchangers.