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New EXH series of high efficiency shell and tubes presented at MCE 2016

Roen Est further extended its range of shell and tubes with a new high efficiency EXH series featuring a special configuration optimized for propane (R290) and ammonia (R717).

The new line of shell and tubes, previewed at MCE 2016, further enhances Roen Est’s wide range of configurations and solutions, and is intended to meet the demand of chiller and air-conditioning manufacturers and of installation specialists requiring the highest possible COP (Coefficient of Performance) at their plants.

The use of natural gases such as ammonia and propane contributes to ensuring that high efficiency is coupled with low environmental impact and lower refrigerant costs.

Roen Est’s ammonia and propane shell and tubes were developed based on a unique concept that exploits straight tube configuration characteristics and adapts them to this new application, which improves machine management during operations.

Furthermore, the ammonia shell and tubes feature aspecial, innovative configuration that uses stainless steel tubes to prevent the typical corrosion issues caused by this type of refrigerant.

On the other hand, propane shell and tubes maintain the customary configuration with copper tubes.

This accomplishment is yet another reflection of Roen Est’s design and manufacturing flexibility, with shell and tubes fit for copper, copper-nickel, stainless steel, and titanium applications alike.

The latest news on the applications of the new EXH range was included in an article and in a video released by the Home & Climate portal, a magazine centered on the energy efficiency and sustainability of buildings.

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