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Dry Coolers: Roen Est soon to introduce its new product range

Roen Est is working on a new range of dry coolers, scheduled to be finalized and made available as early as this summer.

The dry coolers, developed for commercial and industrial use, were designed to meet the growing demand for high-efficiency ductable and low noise condensing units. The dry coolers are equipped with high-efficiency centrifugal fans, 450 or 560 mm in diameter, and will be available in configurations ranging from 1 to 4 fan motors.

The new dry coolers feature three-phase 400 V electric motors with IP54 protection fit for connection to the junction box; on request, they can also be supplied with EC motors or with special motors customized according to customer requirements. The heat exchanger coil featured by the new range of dry coolers consists of a1/2’’ copper tube, with a smooth inner surface and aluminum fins with 2.1 mm spacing. The casing features an aluminum profile frame and removable galvanized steel panels.

The dry coolers will be included in Roen Est’s catalog as of June 2015.