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Rugby as a metaphor for team building and better work

Team building in sports, in companies or in any type of organisation. It is a long-standing practice applied by those who are in charge of staff training at Roen and who have also included lessons dedicated to team building and consolidation in the tight schedule for the current year.

The model comes from the world of sports and in particular from rugby, which is based on collaboration, support, mutual trust, respect for teammates, opponents and the referee, a clear definition of strategies and roles, a sense of belonging and great communication skills.

These same values become even more fundamental in a continuously changing world such as the current one, where team focus on achieving an organisation’s objectives and expectations is one of the keys to the strategic success of every company.

The courses, organised in the company by HR Claudia Cucurnia between February and April, involved the entire production force and was held by the Master Coach & Trainer Daniele Mazzolo with whom Roen Est has been collaborating for several years with great satisfaction and staff involvement.

During the courses, the rules of rugby are translated and applied to the company setting where, in order to achieve the objectives set, each member of the team needs to have a clear role, cooperate, support teammates and, above all, communicate according to precise ethical and behavioural rules.