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Roen Est Brine Units: three new product ranges

Research and Development at Roen Est is a never-ending endeavour: the goal is to continue to improve and expand the product ranges with solutions that meet the needs of the market and customers.

Sustainability: opening the way to new refrigerants

Continue to reduce your carbon footprint without having to give up to performance and efficiency. The market is heading in this direction and Roen, as always, is keeping pace, even anticipating trends.
Roen Est has expanded its range of brine units that work with the eco-friendly refrigerants NH3 and CO2.

The new CO2 and NH3 unit coolers have already been released in the ReVent calculation software at the same time as their market launch and they are already making a difference in structural quality, performance and flexible customisation, all features that are part of the Roen DNA.

Download the CO2 Unit Coolers brochure
Download the NH3 Unit Coolers brochure

Customisation: here come the new ductable air coolers

In order to achieve seamless integration with the customer’s devices and systems, Roen has developed ductable air coolers equipped with air cooling units coupled with custom-designed fabric ducts for air diffusion in large spaces, such as loading/unloading areas, industrial halls, and processing rooms.
This way, end customers no longer have to worry about finding compatible coolers and diffusion ducts, as they can rely on a single partner and an integrated solution for the most practical and immediate response to their installation needs.

Download the Air Treatment and Recirculation System brochure