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Managing exports to Eastern Europe and Russia, getting to know the local markets and enhancing relations.

Margherita Drigo’s professional collaboration with Roen Est SpA has lasted over 20 years.

Can you tell us about your long and fruitful career at Roen?

I initially worked in the production departments for some time. This gave me the opportunity to become acquainted with the processes from a practical point of view. In 2001, I had the opportunity to join the technical office team as a designer, where I was able to foster my skills. This gave me the opportunity to carry out new tasks and to be assigned new responsibilities gradually. Moreover, through the continuous collaboration with the Technoklima Agency in Bratislava, which keeps direct contacts with customers in Eastern Europe as well as in non-European countries, such as Russia, Ukraine and others, I was able to get closer and closer to the commercial world, dealing with customer management, projects in the quotation phase, order formulation and management, and technical support, becoming the interface between the Agency and the Company, keeping activities dedicated to local internal needs as well as central management.

What do you do now?

Since 2019, I have been assigned the role of export manager for Eastern Europe and the Russian market. It is a great personal and professional satisfaction, the crowning achievement of so much commitment and growth, always with passion and dedication, which are the key ingredients in everything I do. Moreover, an added value of my role is precisely the knowledge of the various aspects of the job, even the most practical and technical ones, having started from production.

Has the job changed in the last few years?

Yes, a lot has changed, both as a result of the evolution of the market and the geographical areas I manage, and thanks to the Company’s own evolution. Roen Est has gone from being a traditional entrepreneurial management to a more global, more structured business organization. The changes have been significant and dynamic within the Company, on the one hand challenging, but on the other very stimulating.

And geographically?

The areas of Eastern Europe and Russia, as well as Ukraine, etc., have experienced profound political upheavals and social changes, as a result of which the dynamics of exports have inevitably changed and have made the approach to the various markets more delicate and sometimes commercial relations are more challenging.

At the same time, however, the Agency with which I collaborate has also changed. New agents and young collaborators have joined the group and obviously they bring with them a new mentality, and a dynamic and open approach to collaboration, which makes the relationship proactive.

So, it’s a matter of great relationship work?


My role is necessarily that of a filter between the company and agency, as well as a point of reference and internal support for my colleagues. It is absolutely crucial to know the reference market and how the “company machine” works, the dynamics and internal processes and the human resources available.

Internally, in fact, thanks also to the continuous training that the company provides us, I try to support colleagues in the technical and quotation office, for the development of projects concerning requests from countries for which I am now the export manager. Therefore, I collaborate in the development of offers and the management of sales orders and therefore also in the management of all relevant issues.

Any plans for the future?

Recently, the Company has decided to participate in the CLIMATE WORLD fair to be held in Moscow from 10th to 13th March 2020. This is an excellent opportunity to “go out into the field.” Indeed, the goal is to increase my presence outside, to cultivate and possibly improve relationships.

I believe that although we are living in the age of “social media,” in which “virtual connections” often take over, human contact is still very important and sometimes it can change everything, especially in situations where the culture is so different from ours and therefore the approach can be complicated. Direct contact improves relationships and therefore individual productivity. All this creates a high probability of achieving a good result for the Company as well as maximum customer satisfaction.