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First ever automated cold storage facilities for meat and fish in Chile

Roen Est contributed its own products and know-how to the realization of the first ever automated meat and fish cold storage facilities in Chile. The Italian company’s air condensers and unit coolers were used by client Profrio LTDA in the realization of the two innovative applications.

The cold storage facility commissioned by Multifrigo in Casablanca features a22-meter high, 9-storey tower housing 1,512 pallet positions, with a capacity of 700 kg each, whereas the tower of the cold storage facility commissioned by Inmobiliaria Sake in Puerto Varas features 2,500 pallet positions, each capable of bearing600kg.

As of the fourth quarter of this year, the meat and salmon industry will be able to rely on the services of new players within the logistics chain of its products and on the breakthrough technology – unprecedented in the country – offered by these new cold storage facilities.

The application of robotic automation to cold rooms is expected to develop quickly in the imminent future, which will put a stop to northern and southern local producers across the country having to store their products far away from headquarters. When applied to cold storage rooms, robotic automation offers significant advantages such as:

  • a reduction in energy consumption, in terms of both private consumption and heat dissipation inside the rooms;
  • greater efficiency and speed of operations;
  • the complete accuracy of traceability;
  • a drastic reduction in the number of errors and incidents.

As robotic automation within the scope of refrigeration continues to gain ground, Roen Est will continue to play a key role thanks to its comprehensive and well established know-how.