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Roen Est’s experience at the Business Model Workshop on the MECHANICS sector

Discuss business, good practices and new business models in this delicate post-Covid-19 phase, bringing the company’s experience, know-how and world of values.

On Tuesday 30 June Roen Est was a protagonist of the MECHANICS Worskhop Business Model, the live streaming meeting dedicated to the mechanical sector and organized by Aries, Special Agency of the Chamber of Commerce Venezia Giulia.

To intervene for Roen Est was Susanna Salvador, export & marketing manager, who not only presented the company, its history, processes and ever-changing developments, but also brought the recent experience of a reality that has always been devoted to internationalization that must face the new commercial dynamics and the new development scenarios triggered by the Coronavirus health emergency.

Three guest companies brought their testimonies. These are realities of reference in the mechanical sector of the Region: in addition to Roen Est, there were Fidema Group and Weker srl, moderated by Professor Guido Bortoluzzi, business innovation expert.

The workshop, in fact, is part of a series of meetings organized by Aries as part of the Nuvolak2 project (Interreg Italia Slovenia, of which it is a partner), all led by Professor Bortoluzzi, marketing professor at the University of Trieste.