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Roen Est obtains certification for A2L gas exchangers

Another step in the virtuous path towards corporate sustainability.


Roen Est has obtained the certification for the production and sale of PED Category II finned pack heat exchangers which use low GWP Group 1 refrigerant gases (for example A2L) and are
characterized by significant dimensions in terms of internal volume and overall size.

This is an important certification with a double value: on one hand it further expands the production potential and market competitiveness, on the other it marks a new step in the path
towards corporate sustainability for a company that has been committed for years to reducing emissions and pollutants.

The use of new refrigerants, in fact, is the most current and important issue when it comes to sustainability in the air conditioning sector: today’s most used refrigerants, if released into the atmosphere, generate a significant increase in the greenhouse effect which causes the increase in the temperature of the planet. This impact is measured through the GWP (Global Warming
Potential) index.

The use of low GWP refrigerants is now a fundamental need of the market both for the greater awareness towards the environment on the part of producers and clients, and for the current
regulations that have introduced a plan for the obsolescence of refrigerants based on their GWP value.

Natural and synthetic low-impact refrigerants, however, often present characteristics of flammability, explosiveness and higher operating pressures than those of “classic” refrigerants: for
this reason, the exchangers designed to work with these refrigerants require more stricter certifications.

In addition to obtaining this certification, Roen Est has implemented the necessary internal tools in order to support the Technical & Sales group for the fast verification of the PED category of the finned pack exchangers during the offer stage.
The PED directive, in fact, harmonizes at a European level the regulations for pressure vessels following a precise classification.