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Food refrigeration: Roen Est at Expoalimentaria Peru

Roen Est showcased its heat exchangers designed for the food refrigeration industry at the Expoalimentaria trade show held in Lima on August 26-28.

At the Peruvian Expo, within an exhibition space shared with FRIOPACKING, the company showcased many of its products developed specifically for food refrigeration, storage and processing units.

A spotlight was on Roen Est’s new range of adiabatic dry coolers, in which the evaporation of spray water circulated inside the heat exchanger coils opposite the direction of the airflow enables air outlet temperatures lower than or equal to the inlet temperatures.

Also for food refrigeration purposes, the company introduced its new finned pack heat exchangers with 5/8 ” tubes in AISI 304L or 316L stainless steel and in 35 x 35mm and 40 x 34.65mm geometries.

Another novelty presented at the trade show was the range of shell and tube heat exchangers in AISI 316L stainless steel offering the possibility of a heat exchanger assembly in titanium on request.