Finned Pack
Heat Exchangers

The key components of heat exchange

With 6 diameters available in 6 geometries S22-7, S22-8, S22-10, S30-12, L35-12, L50-16 the Roen Est Group can optimize heat exchangers for any specific application.

The Roen Est range effectively meets every heat exchange requirement: water and oil coils, evaporators, and condensers.

Technology & services

Complete line with a wide range of sizes and infinite customization options.

Over 170,000 projects developed in more than 30 years’ experience.

Wide selection of production materials (copper, aluminium, steel, stainless steel, brass, etc.).

Many protective surface treatment options:

  1. Epoxy or epoxy polyester coatings
  2. Cataphoresis
  3. Non-toxic and antimicrobial coatings
  4. Tinplating
  5. Blygold treatment
  6. Heresite treatment

Products can be used with all existing refrigerants.

Logistics support: order management and shipments tailored to customer requirements through collaborations with international carriers.

REcalc: proprietary software for thermodynamic calculations, developed and regularly updated for maximum ease of use.