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B2B Sales school

A training course to support the sales team

Three days of highly specialized training for some members of the Roen Est sales team: it is ‘B2B Sales’, an innovative approach to sales capable of significantly improving results and the positive percentage of negotiations.

The training program of the course is the result of over 15 years of study to identify the best tools, strategies, and technologies to increase sales results and be more competitive on the target market.

The key to the success of the method is the extreme flexibility thanks to which it is possible to apply it to every sector: it responds to specific questions and provides concrete solutions to improve one’s results in the field and, consequently, one’s professional satisfaction within the team and the company.

For Roen Est, this is a further step in the constant training of personnel that the company has undertaken for a long time and at all levels: human resources represent a true engine for corporate competitiveness for Roen and an added value for the customers.

Our Sales Team from the left:

Massimo Bressan,  Franco Vrech, Luigi Manzoni, Margherita Drigo, Lia Tagliapietra, Marco Tonsig, Davide Cogoi.