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We never stopped: more efficient than ever

Here we are.

We temporarily limited our activity in the Italian production plant, but we never stopped.

Indeed, now that the terms “responsibility” and “trust” have a new and deeper meaning, we are working with even greater efficiency, speed and promptness to ensure our customers total continuity.

However, we do not limit ourselves to continuity: because all of us are looking forward and we are committing all our energies to prepare for the return to a new o a renewed normality.

The general management, with the sales, logistics, purchasing, administration, quality and safety departments as well as production planning, the technical office and customer service have never stopped their activities.

Some of our collaborators work in smart working mode, some others in the company to support our precious workers.

Each of them offers their valuable contribution by discovering, day by day, new forms of flexibility, interaction, problem solving that we will be able to capitalize on in all future activities.

The relationship, conceived as constant assistance to the customer and the ability to solve their needs, which has always been a characteristic feature of Roen Est, is proving to be the great corporate value, capable of overcoming the most important and unexpected obstacles.

As soon as we are able to ensure the safety of all employees, we will be back in full swing with all the production departments and will return with a wealth of experience and new skills that will help us to be even more efficient and close to each customer.