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“Tour de France”: Training and synergy with Rolesco agencies in France.

The close collaboration and synergy established one year ago between Roen Est and French distributor Rolesco is becoming more and more dynamic and synergistic, their partnership focusing on the shared goal to introduce and strengthen the Roen Est brand on the French market.

To this end, several commercial and technical training activities were organized in the month of June for the staff at Rolesco agencies in Lyon, Paris, Créteil, Nantes, Rennes, Toulouse, and Bordeaux, focusing on Roen Est’s organizational structure and on the characteristics of its products and selection software (REcalc, REvent, REshell). The training sessions were a success, offering a valuable exchange and sharing opportunity.

Rolesco agencies are now setting up on-premises showrooms where customers will be able to learn about and view Roen Est products, and receive all relevant technical specifications.

With over 75 years of experience and 24 agencies operating nationwide across France (the last one inaugurated in Nice on June 23, 2016),  Rolesco is the partner with whom Roen Est shares commercial and technical expertise enabling mutual development and the achievement of strategic sales and market penetration objectives beyond the Alps.