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Roen Est’s experience takes the chair. The company hosted by the Ca’ Foscari Challenge School Master’s Programme

The significant organisational and cultural change launched by Roen Est from the first revision of its Compliance Programme under Italian Legislative Decree no. 231/01 has drawn the attention of many professionals and stakeholders and the company has been asked to share its practical experience at the Ca’ Foscari Challenge School Master’s Programme.

Roen Est top management share their experience and its impact

Giovanni Bordin, Chairman and CEO of Roen Est, together with Paola Spagnolo as Employer (Legislative Decree 81/2008), Operations Director and Managing Director in charge of health, safety and the environment, spoke about the company’s huge commitment over the years to building new company foundations and the positive impact that this commitment has had on Roen Est.

The single integrated management system for quality, environment and safety

Under the leadership of the two managers, Roen Est has embarked on a process that has combined the protection of safety and the environment with the review of processes and internal organisation. Now Roen Est can count on a single, integrated management system, in accordance with ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, and BS OHSAS 18001:2007, which involves all areas and levels of the company.

A tangible commitment to a long-term vision

Roen Est has decided to adopt a sincere long-term vision, focusing on the business culture, training, and personal and professional growth of all employees; it has invested in green products, not only as a way to keep up with the latest trends, but as a factual and concrete commitment.

A radical change

The change in recent years has been radical. As stated by Chairman Giovanni Bordin, “We are convinced that working well and respecting people, health, safety and human nature is a great value, which ultimately yields benefits in economic terms and in terms of credibility for the company as a whole.”

What once seemed to be an extra cost is now revealing its concrete advantages: when a company, like Roen Est, manages to project security, credibility and reliability to all its stakeholders, it is perceived as a company with reduced risk management and a company to which it is easier to offer new opportunities.