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The Technical Office, a driver of innovation and business opportunities

Interview with Alberto Riva, technical director at Roen Est

Alberto Riva joined the Roen Est staff at the beginning of 2017 as Technical Director. His job includes coordinating and running the Technical Office, Market Support (quotations) and the Purchasing Office.

How does the Roen Est Technical Office work?
The work, approach and organization of the technical office are closely linked to the DNA of Roen Est, which is one of the few companies in the sector to offer three heat exchange product lines (finned pack heat exchangers, shell and tubes and unit coolers, such as brine units, remote condensers and dry coolers).
Each of the three product platforms has its own technical organization consisting of a manager who coordinates the designers and a product manager who analyses market needs and developments and shares them within the company. Through a flow process, Market Support, in close contact with customers, identifies the heat exchanger most suitable for the use requested by the customer and sends the technical requirements for the ad-hoc design of the heat exchanger to the technical platform. The designers, in turn, produce, industrialise and pass on all the necessary technical documentation to the production department for final production.

What is the ultimate goal of such a structured and complex business unit?
The “watchword” of our work is SYNERGY between all departments and especially the ones falling under my management: the objective is to be able to find the right solution that fully meets the needs of our customers with lean and effective internal processes. Any objective we set for ourselves is never a finishing-point but a step in a continuous improvement effort that never stops.

What are the most significant projects that you have been working on recently?
The market in our sector is evolving rapidly and we need to respond more quickly and more dynamically: what was fine yesterday is no longer suitable today, while the lead time needs to be as short as possible. The key to success lies in the organisation and synergy of processes, i.e., when the entire supply chain is running like a clock, avoiding waste and low value-added activities. We are investing our efforts and resources in this area: we can rely on a product configurator, designed according to Roen Est’s “tailor-made” philosophy. It dialogues with the ERP systems of our main customers and manages the entire design flow up to production, automatically generating all the technical documentation, including the working drawings.

Where is the future headed?
Towards respect for the environment and the protection of resources, issues that are fortunately back in the limelight: Community regulations on refrigerant gases are driving the entire industry to commit more to this aspect. Europe is definitely the most active in this regard at an international level and is pushing for refrigerants with high GWP (Global Warning Potential) to be replaced within a few years. The new refrigerants have different characteristics and therefore heat exchanger technology needs to adapt as well to ensure the same performance, while reducing the environmental impact.
Continuous investments in technology and new skills to follow or even anticipate market needs make Roen Est a solution provider that supports and facilitates customer operations and not just a manufacturer. Our goal for the future is to continue to drive innovation and business while ensuring the environmental sustainability of our development.