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Helping the local area, the community, and younger generations

Roen Est and Friopacking support the Cima Centre for the integration of minors


For 30 years, the Cima Centre in Cieneguilla, a rural area near Lima, Peru, has been working to offer a new life to children, between 10 and 17 years of age, from dysfunctional and socioeconomically disadvantaged families.

Roen Est, together with its historical partner Friopacking, has decided to support Cima’s activities: it is tangible help in Peru where the company has been successfully operating for some time now, an investment in protecting younger generations in difficulty to whom the centre covers their basic needs to grow up: protection, affection, health, prevention and care, food and nutrition, clothes, and accommodation.

At the Cima Centre, a cold room has been designed, built, and installed to better preserve all the fresh food that the children grow directly in their gardens or that are donated to the Centre.

The project was coordinated by Friopacking in collaboration with Smartcold, which supplied the panel structure, the hinged door with panic-proof opening and the condensing unit, while Roen designed and built the cold room’s cubic unit cooler (model CCL 35.2.06 4T).

The result is a 3.07 m x 4.2 m x 2.98 m (h) cold room with a temperature of 3°C for storing vegetables, fruit, and all perishable products.

Cima is a point of reference for Peruvian communities in the area: it offers children a broad range of activities and programmes to facilitate their social integration, as well as therapeutic projects involving the entire family.

At the “Shelter House”, Cima organises many educational workshops in music, painting, handicrafts, computer science, tailoring, beekeeping, animal husbandry, agriculture, hydroponics (growing crops out of the soil), carpentry, and various other technical activities such as welding, plumbing, painting, building construction, etc.

The work with children and teenagers is multidisciplinary and is managed by teams of educators, social workers, psychologists, teachers, and health care personnel.

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