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The challenge of drawing up offers lies in competence, transparency and increasingly short lead time.

Franco Vrech has been working at Roen East for 30 years now, since 1988, 5 years after the birth of the company: he has followed its development and changes and his role has evolved with it.

Can you tell us about your career at Roen?
I started as a worker on the fin moulding machines; two years later, I became foreman and in 1992 I joined the technical team where, after an ad-hoc training course, I began to deal with product design and the commercial area. About 10 years after joining the company, I was appointed area manager for Scandinavian countries and head of the technical and commercial office, which at the time was in charge of both design and quotations and offers. The latest change came in 2013 when, with the separation of the technical and commercial offices, I was appointed head of the office for quotations and job order management while continuing to be area manager for Scandinavia.

What does the office that you manage deal with?
My office, which is made up of a team of experienced and competent people, is the gateway to Roen Est. In addition to being in close daily contact with sales staff and agents in the field, we work in total synergy with the technical office and with production. This is the key to the success of an offer or a new project. Generally speaking, customers require the performance of a heat exchanger based on technical data: through the Roen thermodynamic calculation software, we carry out simulations of working conditions, we study the feasibility of the design (type of construction, materials, etc.) and finally we develop the price and offer in accordance with the relevant commercial staff. There are offers that are based on a specific drawing of the customer but there are also customers who do not have a very clear idea of what they need and in this case we propose ad-hoc construction and/or performance solutions.

Has work changed in recent years?
The Roen “quotation” office has a comprehensive vision of the world of finned pack heat exchangers thanks to its long company experience and specialization and also thanks to investments in innovation and continuous training for company staff. Quotation work has become increasingly complex: on the one hand, there are the new products developed, new treatments and new materials, and on the other the demands of customers who are increasingly demanding in terms of transparency, speed, accuracy and flexibility of the economic offer. Roen East has developed ad-hoc software applications to respond to these requests with precision, which is a crucial element in today’s market where a difference of just a few euros can make you obtain or lose an order. These software applications can seamlessly integrate the thousands of Roen heat exchanger design variables.

The company too has changed a lot over the past 30 years.
It has changed especially in recent years with the new management. New professional figures have joined the company; the offices have been consolidated to deal with new markets. The company has also invested heavily in production automation, technology and cutting-edge software that are essential for both the technical department and the management of sales and orders. After the crisis in 2008/2009, the market has completely changed: more competition and increasingly demanding customers in terms of service. These requirements are part of our DNA as we have always put reliability and timeliness at the forefront. What makes the difference in our department is the speed at which we prepare our offers and at the same time the ability to provide as many solutions as possible to the requests we receive.

What is the added value of Roen Est?
Undoubtedly, the speed in reacting to customer demands in a market that has traditionally been characterised by very long lead and delivery times. On the other hand, Roen has always been known for being able to handle both orders for large quantities and individual special pieces with the same speed and quality of service. The less time it takes to process an order in the office, the more time production has to complete it: nowadays, competitiveness requires a lead time of just 2-3 weeks after the receipt of an order. We have long-standing customers in Sweden who make this Roen feature their strong point; I’m talking about companies that account for 18-20% of Roen Est’s revenues. This will be Roen’s strength also for the future: a company that has always aimed at transforming its customers into “partners,” building the relationship on transparency and mutual trust.