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Roen Est “on the field” at the Luzhniky Stadium in Moscow

Moscow’s Luzhnikyis the biggest stadium in Russia. This major sports facility changed into a real football stadium will host the 2018 World Football Championship and can seat up to a total of 81,000 spectators.

For the recent requalification and extension works begun in 2013, Roen Est produced the finned pack heat exchangers used in all the 209 air treatment units installed (AeroMaster Cirrus and AeroMaster XP lines).

Quite the installation, its heating and air-conditioning can even produce up to 1,000,000 m³ of air per hour.

The supply was managed by Remak, one of Roen Est’s historic clients for the Czech Republic—an extremely important market for the Italian company which works closely on site with the agency Technoklima in Bratislava.