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Shell and Tube Heat Recovery Exchangers showcased at McTer

The new range of shell and tube Heat Recovery Exchangers by Roen Est was presented this week in Milan at the McTer event for field professionals on cogeneration, biogas and biomass.

The new shell and tube Heat Recovery Exchangers stand out for their remarkable level of customization and broad range of geometries and calculation options allowing for heat recovery in many fields and applications.

The shell and tube Heat Recovery Exchangers are particularly suitable for cooling exhaust gas-water, biogas-water, compressed air-water, biogas-biogas, and exhaust gas-air. The secondary fluid can be either water or a blend of water and glycols, or a specific fluid based on customer requirements.

The customization versatility offered by Roen Est shell and tube heat recovery exchangers is also reflected by a dedicated software enabling product configuration through a number of devices, from PCs to smartphones.